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MADEIRA. Photographer's Guidebook (e-book) ENGLISH VERSION



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Important: The book is an ebook - a digital book that you download as a PDF file to your computer. It is not a physical book printed on paper. The download link for the book will be sent in the email confirming your payment for the order. The file size is 191 MB. Please ensure that you have a good internet connection. If you encounter any issues with the download, please send an email with your order number, and I will provide an alternative download source. The download link is active for one month from the date of payment. Within that time, you should download the file to your device. After one month, the link will expire. If you haven't downloaded your order within that time, please email us (providing the order number), and you will receive a new link.


This ebook is an invaluable aid when organizing a photographic trip to Madeira! It will save you many days of planning and reveal both popular and lesser-known locations. In one place, you get a detailed list of almost all interesting photography spots across the entire island, divided into regions.


Description: This e-book provides precise locations, descriptions, and illustrations of over 80 photography spots in Madeira. These include street viewpoints, mountain trails, levadas, waterfalls, beaches, and even drone photography locations. Everything is presented in a logical and clear manner, making it easy to quickly find the best shots on-site. This e-book is not meant for decorative purposes on a shelf, but rather for planning your own photographic excursions. The PDF format allows you to use the e-book on your phone or tablet.

Book format: PDF.

Important: Occasionally, there may be issues with downloading (due to various reasons). If that happens, please do not file a complaint. Instead, send an email with your order number, and I will provide an alternative download source.

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  • Karol Nienartowicz Mountain Photographer
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Karol Nienartowicz od 15 lat podróżuje i fotografuje w górach. Odwiedził z aparatem ponad 40 krajów na czterech kontynentach. Ma w dorobku kilka wystaw, publikacje we wszystkich liczących się mediach opiniotwórczych w Polsce, periodykach górskich i podróżniczych, wygrane i wyróżnienia w konkursach krajowych i zagranicznych, pięć występów w telewizji, a nawet własne tagi na Pudelku i biogram na Wikipedii (sprawdźcie!).

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